Mercedes Rodríguez García

Mercedes Rodríguez García


  • R&D Manager


jul. de 2018 – actualidad

  • ItyIs Siglo XXI S.L.

Duración total12 años

CargoWeb Content Manager / AI & Blockchain Prospective

sept. de 2015 – actualidad

Focused on:
– FinTech:
– AI Observatory:

CargoChatbots and Google Assistant Apps Developer

mar. de 2017 – jul. de 2018

Since March 2017:
Developing chatbots for websites with Dialogflow (former
Ex.: Chatbot Lola for the University of Murcia
CargoTranslator and Web Content Editor

2006 – ago. de 2015

Translation and writing of contents for several sections and blogs at Euroresidentes (, particularly those on scientific and technological advances, nanotechnology, internet and mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, apps, business and entrepreneurship, fintech and travelling.Blogs:

– Tech Advances:
– FinTech:
– AI Observatory:
– Nanotechnology:
– Internet of Things:
– Smart Cities:
– Google News:
– Internet News:
– Apps:
– Business Success:
– Extraordinary women:


  • Part-time Lecturer (Profesor asociado)

University of Vigo  oct. de 2006 – jul. de 2015

Facultad de Filología y Traducción

– Scientific & technical translation (English-Spanish-English). 2006 – 2013.
– Computing applied to translation. 2009 – 2012.
– Scientific & technical translation (English-Galician-English). 2012 – 2013.
– General translation (Spanish-English). 2012 – 2015.
– Translation & Interpreting Tools: advanced computing. 2013 – 2015


  • Universia

Translation Project Manager at Universia-MITOpenCourseWare Project

dic. de 2003 – dic. de 2005

Coordination with MIT in Boston and Universia Brasil. Selection of contents to be translated and work planning and coordination of the translation team. Translation and proofreading of contents.

Translator at Universia-MITOpenCourseWare Project

mar. de 2003 – nov. de 2003

Localization into Spanish of the site:
Spanish site:
Localization and proofreading of contents (HTML and image files, pdf, flash files, etc.)

Some of the courses translated:
– «11.204 Planning, Communications, and Digital Media Fall 2002» (
– «11.208 Introduction to Computers in Public Management II, January (IAP) 2002» (
– «7.51 Graduate Biochemistry Fall 2001» (
– «7.28 Molecular Biology Spring 2001» (
– «6.263J Data Communication Networks Fall 2002» (



  • Universidad de Vigo

Master Course in Multimedia Translation

Language Interpretation and Translation

Final project on Android apps localization. Grade: 9 out of 10.

  • Universidad de Vigo

Master Course in Translation and Paratranslation

Disciplina académica Language Interpretation and Translation

Fechas de estudios o fecha de graduación prevista

Final project: “Developing a computing-specialised multilingual glossary English-Galician-Spanish from parallel corpus». Grade: 10 out of 10.
Download link:

  • IES Teis

Higher VET Technician in software development

Computer Programming

Contents: Website and Software Development. C, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Access, SQL Server, Mysql, Dreamweaver.
Linux and Windows System Administration.

  • Universidad de Vigo

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Translation and Interpreting (EN/FR>ES)


Final project: “Scientific & Technical Translation: a translation model and commentary on a Chemistry text” (French-Spanish). Grade: 10 out of 10.

  • Concordia University

English Courses